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Distressed Texture Brushes

Distressed Texture Brushes

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Fancy a little wear and tear on that design?! Look no farther, as what we have here is a fine collection of gritty distressed brushes ready for download.

One-click ease

These photoshop brushes are intended to be used as on-click stamp effect (as opposed to licking and dragging). That means all you have to do is click once where you want that scratch or scuff to appear—and you’re done!

High Quality

Hope you like having your brushes crispy and high quality. These Photohshop brushes vary in size, but all come large in full-quality. The smallest brush is 1,940 x 1,060 pixels at full quality and the largest is 3,100 x 2,150 pixels. That should do it.

Scratch and scuff anything

Photos. Text. Smart objects. Vectors. If it an element is in your Photoshop file, it can be roughed up with this collection.

Beginner Friendly

Never installed a brush before? No prob! I've included a Photoshop brush installation tutorial and also a tutorial on how to install Illustrator Brushes.

Authentic Brushes

These brushes were sourced from real life surfaces, originally derived from high resolution photographs. This authenticity bleeds through on to your design as a result of the authentic process I used to create these brushes.

Bonus Vector EPS format

Rather just manually place the individual vector EPS brush shapes in Photoshop or Illustrator instead of using a brush tool? Each of the 30 brush shapes are included as individual Vector EPs files.

Handy one-page PDF guide

I've included a super duper handy PDF browsing reference guide. Crack open the one-page PDF and you can immediately view all brushes at the same time (including the individual brush names). No need to waste time hunting for the perfect brush. I've got you covered :)

Included Brushes
  • 30 individual Photoshop brushes
  • 30 individual Vector EPS files
Included File Formats
  • Adobe Photoshop .ABR (Adobe CC 2017+)
  • Vector EPS
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