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Hand Painted Photo Masks

Hand Painted Photo Masks

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This fine collection of hand painted photo mask shapes will take your photoshop masking game to the next level.

When you use an authentic process, you get authentic results. Each mask shape was painted by hand with actual paint on paper ensuring that hand crafted look carries all the way through to your finished design project. With a variety of formats to choose from including high resolution transparent PNG’s and infinitely scalable vector EPS files, these mask shapes offer you the format that is most convenient for your project. I even threw in a Photoshop document with all masks included in one file so you can easily drop in your photo and show/hide layers until the look is just right.

With finely detailed crisp edges and authentic natural strokes, these mask shapes deliver a quality that will be noticed on your final design.

Oh yeah, and I have included a handy PDF browsing guide so you can immediately find the perfect mask for your project without searching through all the individual files.

    Here's an example youtube video of how to apply the mask effect in Photoshop  using my other similar masks product Hand brushed masks

    Note: Example photos of building and falcon are not included per photographer's licensing restrictions.

    What's Included
    • 30 unique hand painted mask shapes
    Included File Format(s)
    • Vector EPS
    • Photoshop PSD
    • Transparent PNG
    • The PNG files vary in size from 1,100 x 1,100 PX resolution to 4,200 x 3,900 PX
    Photoshop PSD Features
    • Organized layers
    • Fully Editable
    Software Requirements
    • For Vector EPS: Adobe Illustrator CS1+
    • For PSD: Adobe Photoshop CC 2016+
    • For PNG: Anything that can open a PNG
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