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Geometric Badge Shapes

Geometric Badge Shapes

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Fifty five shape illustrations are included in this collection!
If you need a solid anchor piece for your new vintage badge or logo project you may have just possibly found the perfect fit. With 11 hand-illustrated shapes in 5 variations each, you have plenty of options to kick start your logo, badge, or whatever design project. Oh you need a rhombus? A trapezoid? We’ve got you covered. Wide selection of shape badges aside, this set offers a hand-crafted feel and goes back to retro simplicity with basic geometric shapes.

Here’s the included shapes:
Hexagon, Square, Triangle, Pentagon Shield, Trapezoids Combo, Octagon, Rhombus, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon Stretched, Circle

55 Illustrations Included
  • 11 individual hand-illustrated geometric shapes offered in 5 styles
Illustration styles
  • Solid
  • Solid + Outline
  • Thick Outline
  • Thin Outline Outline
  • Double Thin Outline
File Format(s)
  • Vector EPS (Illustrator CS1+)
  • Transparent PNG
  • Isolated/cutout artwork with transparent backgrounds
  • Artwork itself is opaque and colored gray
  • Infinitely scalable vector EPS
  • PNG's sized to approx 9 megapixels, exact sizes vary per illustration
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