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Wood Grain Patterns

Wood Grain Patterns

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I’ve always loved the finely detailed woodcut illustration work in history books. With pen in hand I set out to recreate this timeless vintage look. Twelve hours later I had this collection on paper. Get your hands on this set and quickly apply these illustrations as background textures/patterns for a sophisticated vintage look. All 8.5X11 original illustrations were scanned at 1,400 PPI for a high resolution original from which to convert to vector EPS format.

Included Illustrations
  • 3 individual hand-illustrated wood textures
Included File Format(s)
  • Vector EPS (Adobe CS1+)
  • Transparent PNG
  • Isolated/cutout lines with transparent backgrounds
  • Illustration lines are opaque and colored dark gray
  • Infinitely scalable 8.5x11 inch vector EPS
  • PNG's sized to 48 megapixels
  • Illustration does NOT repeat
  • Illustration does NOT tile
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