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Hands & Fist Illustrations

Hands & Fist Illustrations

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So I asked myself, “where can I find a handy hand illustrated set of hands that looks cool”. Well, I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I created this set. By hand. Two illustration styles of each of the 9 hands are included in this collection; standard outline style and reversed stencil style. Hope the come in “handy” ;-)

Included hand gesture illustrations:

  • Fist bump fist/punch fist/knuckles
  • Pointer finger/number one
  • Peace/number two
  • Gun/’atta boy
  • High five/open hand
  • Stop/palm
  • Thumbs up
  • You/Pointer
  • Rock on/rocker
20 Illustrations Included
  • 9 individual hand-illustrated hands in 2 styles
Included Illustration styles
  • Outline
  • Stencil (reversed)
Included File Format(s)
  • Vector EPS (Adobe CS1+)
  • Transparent PNG
  • Isolated/cutout artwork with transparent backgrounds
  • Artwork itself is opaque and colored gray
  • Infinitely scalable vector EPS
  • PNG's sizes vary. The smallest is 9 megapixels.
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