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Hand Drawn Banners

Hand Drawn Banners

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This banner set separates itself from the norm with its hand illustrated creation process. Oh, and each and every illustration boasts four style variations of each banner illustration. Most notable is the torn style, which features torn and battered banners from the high seas.

Hand illustrated banners collection specs:

  • 11 individual hand illustrated banners, with 4 style variations of each illustration (44 total variations)
  • Illustrations are colored in dark gray, and are fully isolated/have a completely transparent background
  • All illustrations are offered in both Vector EPS and PNG file formats (88 files total).
  • The PNG files sizes vary based on illustration. The average size is 5,000 pixels wide.

NOTE: The halftone textures seen in the cover image may be purchased separately

44 Illustrations Included
  • 11 individual hand-illustrated banners in 4 styles
Included Illustration styles
  • Outline
  • Solid
  • Outline Torn
  • Solid Torn
Included File Format(s)
  • Vector EPS (Adobe CS1+)
  • Transparent PNG
  • Isolated/cutout artwork with transparent backgrounds
  • Artwork itself is opaque and colored gray
  • Infinitely scalable vector EPS
  • PNG's sizes vary. Average size is 5,000 px wide
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