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Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades

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When I was a kid I used to love the look of the circular saw blade collection my dad had in his wood working shop. Depending on the task and the type of wood used, he'd swap out different blades. I was intrigued by the various blade designs for the different tasks and wood types. With this set I hope to offer you the right blade for your design. Each saw blade was hand illustrated, reminiscent of the hand crafted nature of wood working.

The vintage textures seen in the preview images may be purchased separately here: Halftone textures

Included Illustrations

  • 10 individual hand-illustrated blades in 2 styles
Included Illustration styles
  • Standard (as pictured)
  • Solid (as pictured)
Included File Format(s)
  • Vector EPS (Adobe CS1+)
  • Transparent PNG
  • Isolated/cutout artwork with transparent backgrounds
  • Artwork itself is opaque and colored dark gray
  • Infinitely scalable vector EPS
  • PNG's are sized to 16 megapixels
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