Hand Illustrated Logo Series 1 of 3 - Intro and Sketching

Hand Illustrated Logo From Scratch

Video 1 of 3

Hey! Joseph here. Welcome to lesson one of an exclusive three part video series on hand illustrated logos from scratch.

While these techniques are applied to a logo design for this video series, they also come in handy with any type of hand illustrated design project. Enjoy!

Here's a few notes to accompany the video...

Killer brainstorming pointers

  • Experiment with all caps text, bold text, italic text, cursive text, etc.
  • Try slanting the text, or drawing the text on a curved baseline.
  • Experiment with different basic shapes.
  • Experiment with where different elements are placed and how they are aligned.
  • If you have any iconic shapes, what varieties of the shape can you sketch?
  • Consider subtracting and overlapping shapes.

Supplies used

  • Pitt Artist Pen (Medium)
  • Tracing Paper
  • Tip: If you don't have tracing paper, simply use a window. Put your sketch on the window and tape a normal sheet of paper over it. This isn't ideal but works in a pinch (assuming it sin't night outside).

Stay tuned for the next lesson! Next we'll cover how to convert the hand illustrated logo into an actual vector element.


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