Avoid this portfolio mistake


Note: One note I’d like to add that is not included in the video is to also consider what type of design job you want to get hired for. This is a vital factor as you curate your portfolio. If you’re having trouble deciding between your best work then go with the work that more closely aligns with the type of organization, agency, or niche industry that you would like to work at. It is better to position yourself as a specialist with a niche than a generality.

Every UI, Visual, Web, and UX Designer at some point struggles with what work to include in their portfolio. Decisions on what design examples to include must be made.

Should you try to reach a certain magic number of projects? Do you stretch out your selection of designs to show a wide variety of design capabilities?

As I reveal in this video, there is no magic number. The best strategy is to only show your best work. The name of the game is to leave the portfolio reviewer wanting to see more. You want to blow away the creative director or UX manager with your absolute BEST projects. I give tips based on my years of reviewing portfolios and hiring designers.

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